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  • Shortcut for Osirish Studio<b>CTRL+S</b>: Save Checker <b>CTRL+Q</b>: Test Checker <b>CTRL+E</b>: ADD STEP
  • Variable and FunctionTo implement email, password use: Email: <b>{email}</b> Password: <b>{password}</b> If you force to check with username the variable still same <b>{email}</b> <small>example in Post Data: <b>email={email}&password={password}&token={GET, STEP1, value=", "}</b></small> To get / fetch string use: {GET, <b>STEP1</b>, title>, &lt;/title} You can stack the function like: {GET, <b>{GET, {email}, >, &lt;}</b>, =", "} More documentation is on the way.
  • InstallationInstall: 1. Install Python 3 ( 2. Open Command Line or Termux. 3. Type <kbd>python -m pip install osirish</kbd> Run: <small>(Make sure your API is active, you can active it on <b>My Account</b> page)</small> -> Open Command Line or Termux. -> Type <kbd>osirish</kbd> -> If the command above isn't working try: <kbd>python -m osirish</kbd> Update App: -> Open Command Line or Termux. -> Type <kbd>python -m pip install --upgrade --no-cache-dir osirish</kbd>
  • How to speed up your checking with firefoxFor firefox user only! 1. Go to 'about:config' at navigation bar. 2. Click i accept the risk, and edit the listed values accordingly. Hint: Double-click boolean values to toggle true/false. network.http.max-connections 100000 network.http.max-connections-per-server 100000 network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-proxy 100000 network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-server 100000 3. that's it. When you checking at osirish try to add machine, don't overload the machine cuz your browser will be laggy!
  • Checking with LUMINATI ProxyHow to use your luminati proxy: -> Get your IP, Port, Username, Password from your luminati. -> The format that accepted in osirish is: luminati://username:[email protected]:port example: luminati://lum-customer-****-zone-zone3-country-us:******@*****.**** -> Put it on your proxy list when checking account. * Don't forget to uncheck "auto restock proxy"